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Roger Boucher Roger Boucher:

Roger loves to entertain. Introduced to the art of magic while attending university, Roger became instantly hooked, and began working on what would become his chosen career. Now with over a decade of experience performing across Canada as a magician, he has proven time and again that he is the entertainer to book. Whether it's an intimate in your hands close up performance you're looking for, or a larger stage appearance, Roger will amaze and delight. From the moment he steps into the spotlight until the conclusion of his last stunning effect, he has his audience completely involved. His fantastic repertoire and charming personality are what make him stand out from the rest.

Roger Boucher Colleen (McKenna) Clark

Colleen knew from a young age that she wanted to be rich and famous. She started her career as a high liner in Christmas concerts and air bands in elementary school plays. She attended Media Arts at Siast and continued to give performances in short films through out the 2 years of schooling. After attending Siast, she went on to perform in a Passion play in Bellevue as the lead woman Herodias. Taking some time off for family, she soon came across the local theatre scene and now entertains doing improv shows and short plays across the province of Saskatchewan.

Adreanna Boucher - Off the Cuff's leader. Adreanna Boucher:

Adreanna first realized she was meant to be on stage in grade 5 when she narrated a comic rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas for the annual school Christmas concert and the gym full of delighted parents laughed (a lot!) and shook her hand in the hallway afterwards. That little taste of stardom was true love's kiss for a shy, awkward little girl! Fast forward a couple of decades and she's still shy, still a little awkward, but all grown up, directing, writing, and taking roles in such plays as Odyssey Productions' The Importance of Being Ernest, Last of the Red-Hot Lovers, and The 39 Steps. Being married to a magic man allows her to do what she loves for a living, with the person she loves: besides leading Off the Cuff Improv, she also joins the Roger on stage as his lovely assistant Anna B.

Ryan Hughes Ryan Hughes:

Ryan was the originating actor of the title role in Sir Ryan. Besides splitting sides through improv and such plays as Odyssey Production's Johnny Canuck, Ryan is also a skilled playwright, creating short plays and story adaptations for kids.

Trent Gillespie

Trent Gillespie

Trent first starting doing improv in the late 90s while at the U of A in Drama class and fell in love with the uncertainty of how any improv will turn out. He has been a member of Off the Cuff since its formation, and is a regular actor/director with Odyssey Productions. For improv, Trent loves playing famous/pop culture characters (Dating Game, etc.) and the popular Whose Line or Shoulda Said. He is a published author of the science fiction trilogy Galactic Odyssey, a teacher, a movie buff (1900+ watched), a loving husband, and a pretty geeky father to two awesome little girls.