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Delivering an intro?

Are you having entertainment at your event and now you need to say something on the mic to introduce them? Is this the

point where you freeze? Everyone is excited to see that act and your intro will be the last thing they will be thinking about

once the show starts, assuming you didn’t trip and fall on stage. And really that would just add to the comedy of the night! 

For now just relax and breathe all you need to first ask your act how they want to be introduced! They will either have

something in writing you can just read and be yourself during it! I usually prefer to have a very short 2-3 line intro like “Are

you all excited to see some magic & hypnosis? You are lucky we have Roger Boucher here to do just that! Let’s bring him out

with a big round of applause!”. With it being as short as 3 sentences, you have kept the audiences attention and you are off

the stage! Simple right?

If you are an performer and you are trying to write an intro you want to keep it short because people don’t pay attention

past 30 seconds and it becomes too much information. You want to have the energy high at the beginning of your show so

if people are coming specifically to see you then keep it really short like “Please put your hands together for everyones

favorite hypnotist Roger Boucher! ” (add your own profession if you are not a hypnotist) Or

“Roger Boucher has been amazing audiences all over Canada for the past 15 years and is here tonight to do just that! If you

are ready to have fun, put your hands together for Roger Boucher”

I used to have long intros and the audience energy dropped, only for me to restart it and wake them up. Why start your

show with an uphill battle? Keep it short & simple (KISS)

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